How the Moviestarplanet Was Created

How the Moviestarplanet Was Created

Moviestarplanet game success

Moviestarplanet, the beggining of Game era tails back to 2009. So the game is already a 7 years old. The original creators of the game are Claus Lykke Jensen, who is founder of MSP, Mikkel Vejlgaard (Chief Marketing Officer), Peer Jacobsen (Chief Technical Officer), Jacob Schulz Jørgensen (Chief Financial Officer) and Vernon Jones.

The developer team consists of many talented people by different cultures and beliefs. The company called Moviestarplanet ApS have more then 70 talented people in their offices currently working on the MSP Game.

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The creators of the game also created successful games named Boonie Planet and Robo blast Planet, which has the same principles as the Movie Star Planet game.

Where can you get in touch of MSP authors?

The moviestarplanet authors have a lot of social profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. On these profiles, they enjoy to post about game updates and similiar interesting stuff that every lover of Movie Starplanet will love!

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How much players are currently playing the Movie Star Planet?

In the last year (2015), there was a blog post. It was on the official corporate blog of MSP. It was saying that the movie planet game reached more then two millions of active players. Which is fairly impressive for this game. This game is gaining on popularity in europe. The countries that have the most boom of players are countries such as Poland, France, Italy, Netherlands and many others. The game is also very popular in the United States. There was not any update on their blog, but we may tell that there can be more than 2,100,000 active players currently playing the game. Every day there is a possibility of more than 100 new players coming to play this awesome fragilistic game.

Who is playing the game?

So you will be asking now, who is more playing the game. The main base of players come from girls and women. The boys are playing games like Call of Duty and we girls are playing the Moviestarplanet! 🙂 There is statistics that 80% of all players are girls between 14 and 20 years old.

So the fan base is quickly gaining on popularity. Thank you for reading my post and check out other great posts in this blog!