The developers Diary of MSP Hack Tool

Hello a beautiful day from MSP Hack developers,
We wanted to create this developer diary for our Moviestarplanet Hack Tool. We will discuss here what we want to be reality in the next versions of the moviestarplanet cheats and so on..

The developing of MSP Hack tool came a long journey since we started developing it in our free time. We had to go through a lot of struggless and errors and frustrated nights from our never enging coding of this msp program.

moviestarplanet hack logo

What we want to do in 2016 with Moviestarplanet hack

So what are our plans for the year 2016? We want to add more features and develop it for further versions of Movie star planet game. The developers are aware of this hack, so we need to constantly update this tool and be ahead before the developers.

In the 2015, we have extended our team by 4 members from USA, Russia, Ukraine and UAE.

It is funny that the political situation does not reflect to coders and programmers. We are the best friends and we share together the best informations.

We have created new look of this website

We have switched to WordPress and made a new look to this website, it is better because of SEO and we can add blog to our site, which starts with this post! 🙂

We have been designing this website for 1 month and we are happy with it and we hope you will like it as well!

The competition on the MSP Hacks, is there any?

Most of people asks us if our competition hurts us and if their tools work. As you can know from your experience, our msp hack for android, pc and mac is working excellently and the bugs are being constantly fixed. Our competition is using surveys but they do not provide actually working MSP hacks… We provide it. So make image of this competition for yourself! 🙂

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